From Principals Desk

As a proud person of being a Maa Bhagwati International School myself do full very honored and obliged to you all.

I am privileged by my management to interact with you through this written message.

As a principal of Maa Bhagwati International School. I have the opportunity to country my observation and share my feeling with you.

The management of this school is having a clear cut vision of giving the best knowledge to your-words. They are ready to given all the latest facilities and education environment. My request to you is that let us grab this opportunity with both the hands and cooperate with them for the bright future of you children.

Good discipline, high social values and best academic teaching is my sole goal.

There is said “more you sweat in peace less you bleed in war”. Continues hard work and interaction by the students is desired.

Lastly I am always at your services for the betterment of your word.